Do Webinars Still Work?

Do Webinars Still Work?:  Webinars are incredibly popular right now. All of the big-name experts, big and small brands are using them to take their businesses to new levels. There are a lot of reasons why the webinars work better than other marketing models for boosting engagement, building your list, making sales and improving your business profile.

Highly Targeted

A webinar is simply an internet-based seminar where you can share valuable information with a target audience. Due to the fact, the audience has to register to attend a webinar, they’re already interested in the subject that will be discussed. This means that they are highly targeted and are much more likely to convert better than other types of traffic.

A Real Connection

Do Webinars Still Work
Do Webinars Still Work

One of the wonderful aspects of webinars that makes them so effective is a one on one connection with your audience. In addition to being able to demonstrate a product, service or idea, your voice can engage with your brings and your personality and credibility can keep them around for a lifetime.

Build Brand Awareness

The main objective of your webinar should be to provide value. After the webinar you want people to go away thinking you’re an expert and the one they should seek out when they need help. The more webinars you have, the more brand awareness you’ll be able to build and the more you will become the “go to” business in your specific niche market.

Promote A New Product

Product launches and webinars go hand and hand these days. Webinars allow you to show videos, images, desktop sharing, Powerpoint slides and a lot more. The webinar platform provides various media that can be used to present ideas. This is much more powerful than a simple text sales page.

Sell Affiliate Products

In addition to selling your own products with a webinar, you can also generate income by promoting affiliate products. An effective way to do this is to interview the creator of the affiliate product you’re promoting. Ask them questions about the product and how it can benefit your audience.


A Value Packed Opt-in

You can record your webinars and use them as part of your sales funnel process. You can offer access to the webinar in return for somebody signing up to your email list. Once they have signed up and received your webinar, you deliver an autoresponder sequence of emails that continue to provide great value. You eventually offer a product or service for sale.

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