Planning Your Product Launch

Planning Your Product Launch: Creating a new product without doing research is very risky as it can potentially waste your precious time, money and resources. First, create an account on This is the most well-known affiliate site amongst Internet marketers. It is a marketplace for product creators and affiliate marketers to market their various digital products ranging from e-books, video tutorials, software, apps and plug-in.

Second, compile a list of featured products of the past 6 months. You can find this information under the ‘Featured Products’ section in JVZoo. You are directed to a page where you can view the top picks for the past months.Internet Business Models: Product Launch Secrets On the right side of the page, you can view ‘See More… ‘ where there is a month’s list starting from the current month to the previous months. Click on the month and it brings you to the featured products of the selected month.

Planning Your Product Launch
Planning Your Product Launch

Get familiar with the system as soon as you can. Next, organize the list using an Excel spreadsheet. Categorize your findings to its respective month where the products were launched.

Then, create another category in another column and categorize it accordingly as software program, a web based app, graphics or a hybrid product. A hybrid product is a combination of two different product types, for example a web based software that generates graphics and logos. The last category and column is ‘Purpose’. For example, is the product created for traffic or list building, email marketing, SEO or logo and graphics creation?

This is your job to organize your research so you can easily analyze and measure the data.Internet Business Models: Product Launch Secrets When you have listed out all the featured products, you will see a pattern. What you find is a list of the most and least popular products for the past 6 months. The reason why we’re analyzing it is to know what’s been selling well in the market. This indicates the needs of the market.

You may also research up to 12 months and analyze to see if there is a product launch pattern according to the months. For example, is the month of December filled with firesales or graphic product launches or something else? That is why planning and research is important for your product development. The key word you are looking at is innovation. Take a closer look at the evolution of mobile phones, computers and even your printers. These things are hardly original when they were released. Would you agree with me if I say they are only revisions of previous creations? Yes?

So how is this information important during the planning phase?Internet Business Models: Product Launch Secrets It means you don’t necessarily need to invent an entirely new product to become successful in your business. Any existing products will always have room for improvement.

Look up what is selling in the market and analyze it. From there, just improvise and innovate! Create your own product with two or more added product types or recycle features from the previous ones and you’re good to go!

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